Updated 2019 NBA Championship Odds - April 15th Edition

Updated 2019 NBA Championship Odds – April 15th Edition

We’re a game into the first round of the NBA playoffs in most cases, and we’ve already seen a number of opening upsets, as Brooklyn, Orlando, and San Antonio all went on the road and delivered wins in Game 1. The Warriors, Celtics, Trail Blazers, Rockets and Bucks all delivered home wins. What can we expect to see in the upcoming games — and going forward to the title? We have the latest sports betting odds for each of the remaining contenders as well as thoughts on some of the teams you should consider in your futures betting.

Updated 2019 NBA Championship Odds – April 15th Edition

  • Golden State Warriors -225
  • Milwaukee Bucks +650
  • Toronto Raptors +950
  • Houston Rockets +1100
  • Boston Celtics, Philadelphia 76ers +1600
  • Denver Nuggets +1800
  • Oklahoma City Thunder +3500
  • Portland Trail Blazers +4000
  • Utah Jazz +6000
  • Indiana Pacers, San Antonio Spurs +8000
  • Orlando Magic +10000
  • Brooklyn Nets +12500
  • Detroit Pistons, Los Angeles Clippers +15000

Golden State Warriors has a 99.6 percent chance of advancing to the second round, according to Scout.com, and an 88.2 percent chance of making the conference finals. They have an 81.3 percent chance to make the Finals and a 70.6 percent chance to win the whole thing. It’s true that they didn’t play as well at home as they have in years past, going just 30-11, and they took eight losses at home by at least 20 points. However, as they showed at several points in their opener with the Clippers, they can turn on their “A” game and put away the opposition. The fact that Patrick Beverley was able to goad Kevin Durant into two technical fouls and an ejection could prove costly down the road, but other than imploding, Golden State is a heavy, heavy favorite, and for a reason.

Milwaukee Bucks looked transcendent in their demolition of Detroit in the first game of their Eastern Conference quarterfinal round. However, Detroit did not have Blake Griffin (knee) in the opener, and if he can appear in Game Two, the calculus will be somewhat different. The fact that the Bucks are not likely to take Detroit as seriously after that laugher means that Detroit could tie the series. Even so, the Bucks look like the class of the conference in the early going. But can they stop Golden State?

Boston Celtics has an 81.6 percent chance of getting past the Pacers, particularly because Indiana is without Victor Oladipo, but the issue for the Celtics has to do with chemistry and remaining focused against a Pacers team that has gone defense-first and has bonded together in Oladipo’s absence to emerge as a playoff contender. Gordon Hayward remains a cause for concern when it comes to consistency throughout the postseason, as does the Boston defense. I see the Celtics making it to the second round but no farther, as Milwaukee has more than enough to send them home.

Houston Rockets has the most transcendent scorer in the NBA in James Harden. However, there is Chris Paul’s fragile hamstring to remember, and there is also the fact that Houston has a baffling tendency to stop playing defense at just the worst time. As the four-seed, they would likely face Golden State in the conference semifinals, which also means that the best series in the West might take place in the second round. But I don’t see the Rockets getting past Golden state either.

Portland Trail Blazers rode CJ McCollum and Damian Lillard to a series-opening win against Oklahoma City. Even so, the Thunder have the talent and the hunger to push past the Trail Blazers — particularly by exploiting Portland’s problems in the lane. When those two guards are hot for Portland, it is hard for any offense to keep up with them. However, when those two go cold, and they will at some point in a seven-game series, there is room to exploit their lack of depth, which is why I picked Oklahoma City to win this series.