NCAA Bracketology: 2019 March Madness Field Prediction

NCAA Bracketology: 2019 March Madness Field Prediction

If you’re a March Madness betting enthusiast, you no doubt know that “Bracketology” is a term that has emerged for the study of which 68 teams will make it into the NCAA men’s basketball tournament each March — “March Madness.” As we progress through conference play, each game has possible consequences for each team’s hopes either to secure a favorable seed or even just to squeak into the Big Dance. Here is some of the latest intelligence to come out regarding the possible makeup of the bracket.

NCAA Bracketology: 2019 March Madness Field Prediction

The ACC still has two likely #1 seeds

Even though Duke has beaten Virginia twice, the Cavaliers still look like a #1 seed as well. Why? Because while Virginia has two losses to Duke, they have 21 wins against everyone else, including an eight-point win at North Carolina on Monday, and the Tar Heels are likely to be a #2 seed if things remain the same. The other two top seeds, right now, look to be AP #1 Tennessee and Gonzaga, who blew out St. Mary’s by 48 on Saturday.

Iowa State may slide down

TCU went up to Ames and delivered a win that the Horned Frogs needed, as their tournament resume was badly missing a quality win on the road. Iowa State had been projected as a #4 seed into the tournament but could see that change for the worse after that loss.

Wisconsin lost at Michigan — currently seen as a #2 seed. Even though Wisconsin had beaten Michigan at home, and even though the Wolverines were seen as a higher seed, that still could push the Badgers down slightly in the bracket. Louisville went to Florida State and took a bad loss in overtime, and so they could be seen as a #5 or #6 seed now.

The Atlantic 10 and the MAC got more interesting

Davidson and Bowling Green took losses this past week, and they had sat atop the standings in the A-10 and the MAC, respectively. Now they are tied with VCU and Buffalo, and those losses raised the possibility that those two conferences might only get one team into the tournament. When we look at the bracket from the #10 seeds and on down, each team has some significant issues that could see them pushed down into the NIT.

What’s happened to Oklahoma?

The Sooners are slated as a #11 seed right now despite losing four in a row, including three at home. Oklahoma now heads to TCU and Baylor as part of a stretch with three out of four on the road. If they can’t turn this around, the Sooners could fall out of the field of 68.

Can Temple make it into the tournament?

Temple is the only team in the NCAA that has beaten Houston this season — but they just took a whipping at Tulsa, and they also lost to Penn (who also beat Villanova) at home. Sitting at a #12 seed right now, the Owls could find themselves looking at a play-in or (if they take too many more bad losses) in the NIT.

Arizona State beat Washington

The Sun Devils helped themselves out by giving Washington its first conference loss — however, that came right after a 21-point loss at home to Washington State. The Sun Devils are sitting as a #11 seed right now, but more inconsistency could push them off the bubble.

What about Kansas?

The Jayhawks would have had real trouble winning the Big 12 if they had lost at TCU on Monday, but they pulled out an overtime win. They have nine victories over teams in the top 30 at home or in the top 75 on the road, tops in the NCAA, and no team has a tougher strength of schedule outside the conference.

Marquette is a scary potential #3 seed, with a win over Villanova and a tough guard in Markus Howard. Houston has just one loss but has not played very many difficult teams, and their conference, the American Athletic, isn’t that stout. Purdue has won eight in a row after an iffy non-conference performance. Carsen Edwards has boosted his scoring to almost 25 points per game.