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Super Bowl Betting Overview

The Super Bowl is the largest betting event each and every year. More money is bet on the Super Bowl than it is on any single sporting event. Last season’s Super Bowl garnered at least $6 billion dollars in wagering money. Since so much money is wagered on the Super Bowl, it’s imperative that football handicappers heed the following Super Bowl betting tips.

Top 5 Betting Tips for the Super Bowl

1. Think like a Dog Super Bowl underdogs often times play extremely well. Just look at last season’s Super Bowl where Seattle beat Denver 43 to 8 straight up as a +2.5 dog. In fact, the underdog is 10 and 3 against the spread in the last 13 Super Bowls including going 6 and 1 ATS in the last 7.
2. When betting totals, think matchups
Although underdogs have shown quite a bit of consistency against the spread in recent Super Bowls, there is no consistency when it comes to over/under totals. The over is 4 and 3 in the last 7 Super Bowls. If you decide to wager over or under this year’s Super Bowl total, make sure to consider the actual matchups. For example, who had the bigger edge? Denver’s offense versus Seattle’s defense? Or, Seattle’s offense versus Denver’s defense?

3. Think about Live Betting
Since so much money is being bet on the Super Bowl, football handicappers have to consider Live Betting the game. There is just no other way for a Super Bowl bettor to hedge against a bad wager, like laying the -2.5 on Denver, without Live Betting. Check out our NFL Live Betting section for more details.

4. Don’t forget to wager on props
There is no other football game during the season where football bettors can wager on so many prop bets like the Super Bowl. For a definition of what constitutes a prop bet, check out our Prop Betting section. Prop betting can be a boon to football handicappers who have an opinion on the performance of a specific player or team that has nothing to do with the final outcome of the game.

5. Think about betting alternate lines
If you have a strong opinion on the outcome of the Super Bowl, you should consider betting on alternate lines. Betting alternate lines allows you to juice profits while giving up more points.

For example, since Seattle was the underdog in this past season’s Super Bowl, an alternate line that the sports book may offered could have looked like this:

Seattle -7.5 +180

What the line tells football bettors is that if you lay 7.5 points on Seattle, meaning that Seattle has to beat Denver by at least 8 points in the Super Bowl, you get +180. For every $100 that you bet, you stand to profit $180. This is much better than the traditional -110 line where for every $100 you bet, you profit $90.