2019 NFL Odds to Win Each Division

2019 NFL Odds to Win Each Division

There are about three months between now and the first week of action in the 2019 regular season of the National Football League. One of the sports betting futures options available to you is to wager on the 32 teams to win their respective divisions. One of the more surprising shifts has taken place in the AFC North, for example, where the Cleveland Browns, at least right now, are the favorites to win the division, thanks to the terrific play of quarterback Baker Mayfield and the team’s ability to stockpile talent on both sides of the ball. The struggles of the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers have made this perhaps the most wide-open division of the league’s eight. We have the most recent NFL odds for each team as well as thoughts on each division race.

2019 NFL Odds to Win Each Division

AFC North

  • Baltimore Ravens                                                                   +225
  • Cincinnati Bengals                                                                  +1800
  • Cleveland Browns                                                                   +137
  • Pittsburgh Steelers                                                                 +200

The Cleveland Browns have Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham, Jr. to catch passes…Baker Mayfield to throw them the ball…and Kareem Hunt and Carlos Hyde to carry the ball. Their defense has a lot of youth and speed. Baltimore is trying to rely on a version of the option offense with Lamar Jackson, Pittsburgh has run off their top running back and wide receiver, and who knows what is going on in Cincinnati? The pick is Cleveland.

AFC East

  • Buffalo Bills                                                                             +1200
  • Miami Dolphins                                                                       +1800
  • New England Patriots                                                             -625
  • New York Jets                                                                        +700

The New England Patriots did lose tight end Rob Gronkowski to retirement, and they really haven’t found a replacement who approaches his level. However, they still have Tom Brady at the helm, and they put together a solid draft to rebuild their depth. They also managed to replace some defensive losses through free agency. Oh, and they have two divisional opponents who are starting second-year quarterbacks in the midst of rebuilding (the Jets and the Bills) and a dumpster fire in Miami. So…the pick is New England.

AFC South

  • Houston Texans                                                                     +225
  • Indianapolis Colts                                                                   +120
  • Jacksonville Jaguars                                                              +350
  • Tennessee Titans                                                                   +650

This is a really wide-open division as well, as the odds for all teams indicate. There are four potential MVP candidates at quarterback, in Deshaun Watson, Andrew Luck, Nick Foles and Marcus Mariota. The Colts did make some additions, but I see the Texans overcoming the injury bug and putting together a better defense. The pick is Houston.

AFC West

  • Denver Broncos                                                                      +1200
  • Kansas City Chiefs                                                                 -189
  • Los Angeles Chargers                                                            +210
  • Oakland Raiders                                                                     +1400

The Kansas City Chiefs brought in some new players on defense — and will move to a 4-3 defense with Steve Spagnuolo running it. However, they lost two huge pieces in Kareem Hunt and Tyreek Hill — and few coaches fold despite a great roster in as epic a fashion as Andy Reid. The Chargers picked up two solid defensive rookies and brought in Thomas Davis to lead their front seven. Can Philip Rivers play an entire season consistently? He can do it enough to win here. The pick is the Chargers.

NFC North

  • Chicago Bears                                                                        +170
  • Detroit Lions                                                                            +900
  • Green Bay Packers                                                                +200
  • Minnesota Vikings                                                                  +220

Green Bay has a new coach Matt LaFleur and a (hopefully) rejuvenated quarterback in Aaron Rodgers. The team also has a new defensive coordinator in Mike Pettine who will has the talent he needs to improve play on that side of the ball. Can Mitch Trubisky and the Chicago Bears keep up? I think so, thanks to that ironclad Bears defense. The pick is Chicago.

NFC East

  • Dallas Cowboys                                                                      +125
  • New York Giants                                                                     +1400
  • Philadelphia Eagles                                                                +110
  • Washington Redskins                                                             +700

Carson Wentz has his huge deal in Philadelphia. Will it pay off? The Eagles have the best defense in the division and possibly the best coordinator in Jim Schwartz. Can the Eagles slow down the run-first offense of the Dallas Cowboys? Now that Jerry Jones went cheap to sign Kellen Moore as the offensive coordinator, I’m betting yes. The pick is Philadelphia.

NFC South

  • Atlanta Falcons                                                                       +400
  • Carolina Panthers                                                                   +550
  • New Orleans Saints                                                                -200
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers                                                         +1000

The Saints added Jared Cook and Latavius Murray to give their offense even more versatility, and Malcom Brown joins a defensive line that was already stout. They didn’t lose much of value in free agency, and Atlanta and Carolina are in flux, while Tampa Bay is rebuilding. The pick is New Orleans.

NFC West

  • Arizona Cardinals                                                                   +2500
  • Los Angeles Rams                                                                 -200
  • San Francisco 49ers                                                               +550
  • Seattle Seahawks                                                                   +300

Los Angeles took a few steps back thanks to losses on the O-line and in all three defensive levels. They did add Clay Matthews and Eric Weddle, but it’s worth asking much gas they have left in the tank. Can the Rams score enough to compensate? They only put up a field goal in the Super Bowl, so I wouldn’t wager on them here thanks to the scant value. But what about the 49ers to come in and shock people with Nick Mullins a quarterback? That’s a dark horse I would consider backing.